The Office is where Five Nights at Freddy's takes place, and where Mike Schmidt stays in Fazbear Entertainment. It is a small room with door frames that lead to the West Hall and East Hall. A fan and a model of Chica the Chicken's cupcake can be seen along with monitors. On the wall is a poster that features the Three Main Animatronics that says "CELEBRATE!!!" However Foxy cannot be seen possibly due to him being in Disrepairment. On the other side, various children's drawings can be found.

The Office is where the Camera, Doors, and Door Lights are located. The Office has limited power - doing nothing will take small amounts of Power while closing a Door, turning on a Door Light or using the Camera will increase power usage. Running out of power will cause Freddy Fazbear to go to the left blindspot (But he enters through the right with power) and plays his toreador march theme. If Freddy Fazbear is out of power The Puppet's music box theme will play, and kick the player out of the game. Foxy can get the player from times If the power is out.


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