Green Freddy as seen in the office.

In the tech demo of Fazbear Entertainment when it was rewritten, after raising/lowering your camera a large amount of times, a Green Freddy could be seen slumped on the floor of the office.

He takes the appearance of a glitched, green version of Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He then makes Mangle's radio signal sound, but more distorted. After a few seconds of being in The Office, his face would flash on the screen, then a glitched image of what looked like a computer crash appeared with a repeating sound. The computer crash was not real however, as seconds after one last frame of Green Freddy was shown and the game closed. He has no official name.


  • It's unconfirmed if he appears or will appear in full version of Fazbear Entertainment.
  • It's also unconfirmed if he appears in Fazbear Entertainment 2.