The current logo for Fazbear Entertainment.

Fazbear Entertainment is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan-game being developed by Omega. It is a recreation of Five Nights at Freddy's, and as such you are required to own Five Nights at Freddy's on Steam or Desura to play. It adds a multiplayer expansion to the original game, where players can use online multiplayer to create servers


Fazbear Entertainment

Fazbear Entertainment was first announced on the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 discussions on November 18, 2014. The first post had a screenshot of The Office with two chat messages. One read Phone Guy: Hello? Hello hello. and the other read Mike Schmidt: Hi! It's my first day on the job... :), using the now scrapped Chat feature.

On November 19, 2014, a tech demo showcasing the basic features of the game was released. It was The Office, with no functional Doors or Door Lights. The Camera could be pulled up by clicking, and then a faceless Toy Bonnie was in the left side of the screen. The Tech Demo then ends with the eyeless Toy Bonnie easter egg from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The next day, a very buggy and incomplete multiplayer release was made. It featured an incomplete Title Screen and Mike Schmidt & Freddy Fazbear as playable characters. Along with a bug fix release, an Auto-Updater was released, which is now non-functional.

The GUI, Foxy and Lobby Updates

After a few bug fix releases, the GUI update came out featuring a new title screen, randomized title screen music, a user-friendly interface and seperate server software. Later, a teaser image showcasing Foxy the Pirate Fox's third stage in Pirate Cove. The next day, The Foxy Update was released which featured Pirate's Cove, an option to play as Foxy, and some bug fixes. At this point, Foxy was unable to run down the West Hall, a feature which was added later that day in a new update.

The next day, a teaser of The Lobby was released. Later that day, The Lobby Update was released with new features such as The Lobby, new title screen music and more bug fixes.

The Power & Bonnie Updates

A day after The Lobby Update, the Power Update was introduced with features such as fixed power for Mike Schmidt, new power for Freddy Fazbear, a power-outage scene, and a fake "Removed The Puppet". Afterwards, Fazbear Entertainment was announced on Kotaku, a news website. The next day, the Bonnie Update was announced which implemented Bonnie the Bunny as a playable character. A buggy test release was made to celebrate this.

The same day the buggy test release was released, the download was redacted and the group went on lockdown.

End of the Old Version

Scott Cawthon has taken down the fan-game due to piracy, which made the group go on a lockdown. After a while, it was decided to respect Scott Cawthon, the game was made to require Five Nights at Freddy's on Steam or Desura to play. An anti-piracy and hotfix for The Bonnie Update was released, along with the Out of Memory error.

After a few small updates, it was decided the game would be rewritten entirely.

Fazbear Entertainment Rewritten

It was announced the entire game would be rewritten. The first release was of a tech demo, which included a office with working Doors and Door Lights, and a fully functioning camera system. The tech demo included a Green Freddy easter egg.

The next day, a multiplayer version was released with Mike Schmidt and Freddy Fazbear as playable characters. This version included better playablity and better graphics. The Power Update was released the day after, which included working power, a jumpscare animation for Freddy Fazbear and a power outage animation for Mike Schmidt.

The Foxy Update

A few days after The Power Update, The Foxy Update was released, which included Foxy the Pirate Fox as a playable character with a jumpscare animation. This update was unfair due to Mike being able to keep Foxy at stage 1 the whole game. A hotfix for this was released the day after.

The Bonnie Update

Announced with five teasers which group members needed to decode, the Bonnie Update was released to moderators only on November 17, 2014. A twitch stream was made with Toy Bonnie (A Very Festive Toy Bonnie at the time), Omega, Yomomush and Freeman playing the characters. Later that day, the Bonnie Update was released to the public.

The Chica Update

The Chica update was created shortly after The Bonnie Update. After The Chica Update, various updates were made including a new server software, achievements and a new power system.

The Anti-Piracy Update

Omega has been working on an update for better anti-piracy. It is yet to be added. However, it is likely to never release, because of Fazbear Entertainment C++/3.0, the next rewrite.

Fazbear Entertainment (C++/3.0)

This version of Fazbear Entertainment is being written in C++. Therefore it is faster, more efficient, more secure, and will have many more features. There is no set release date, but it could be as early as August 2015 or as late as September 2015.

The Chat Update

omegapixel released the Chat Update on August 23, 2015.


  • Added omegapixel splash screen. 
  • Added CHAT! (finally) 
  • Added new and improved lobby! 
  • Added him. 
  • Minor bugfixes.