Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction is the name of the fictional location in which Five Nights at Freddy's 3 takes place. The attraction is a replica of the old Freddy Fazbear's Pizza located inside a local amusement park, meant to revive the decades-old urban legends that surrounded the establishment. Outfitted with old animatronic parts and suits, as well as dim lighting and true-to-life decor, patrons would walk through the building like a haunted house, reliving the nightmare of 30 years ago. On the player's first night, they are told that they themselves have become a sort of fixture to the attraction, working not only as an actual security guard at night, but also an actor during the day, alluding to the previous security guards that had once worked at the supposedly haunted restaurants. Up until the player's second night, however, the attraction was lacking any actual, functioning animatronics, that is, until they discovered an ancient relic from the restaurant's legacy. However, after completing their sixth and final night, the player is shown a news clipping that says Fazbear's Fright has burned down. It also says that this might have been caused by faulty wiring, or possibly even foul play. Appearance EditFazbear's Fright consists of a collection of hallways and The Office, along with several large vents. Any of these areas can be viewed by the use of the Monitor, which is located on the right side of The Office. The establishment also appears to be quite large and well funded, boasting 15 cameras, not to mention multiple vintage animatronic heads and suits, including several seemingly-authentic remains from both the first and second game's pizzerias. Also in The Office, there is a Maintenance Panel to the left, containing buttons to allow the player to reboot the Audio Devices, Camera System, and Ventilation. These are typically viewed whenever the player experiences an error, which is displayed next to the function in question. History